Welcome to John S Roberts



In my jewellery I try not only to express the forms, colours and textures of the landscape which inform my design but also to work in such a way that the unique handmade qualities are never lost. For me the magic which occurs when the hand, eye and mind of an artist work together is very important, for it is in this moment that we can give an object real life and energy.

My work is informed by years of drawing, collecting found treasures and striding through the landscape. The natural rhythm and beauty of fallen rocks, the mystery of clouds and mist, the utterly unconquerable junction between land and sea, so wild yet fascinating and the play of light as weather dances over the landscape.

I trained and worked as a miniature sculptor, producing narrative pieces in ceramic. After I became a buddhist and calmer within myself I found it more difficult to make these sculptures and started to make furniture. Whilst working as a furniture designer-maker I often had small pieces of interesting and exotic timber left over, I began to make these pieces into jewellery and a fascination soon became a new way of life…