Jewellery Care

My jewellery is hand fabricated from the finest materials: hallmarked silver and gold, bronze, wood, found objects and carefully selected gemstones and pearls.

Because jewellery is designed to be worn it will change with time and gain a natural patina, polished areas will dull and matt areas will polish. This is part of a natural process which I feel can enhance the forms of my art-jewellery.

Daily care

It is advisable that jewellery is removed when washing, working or doing chores. This will prevent any damage from soaps or chemicals as well as tarnishing or scratches and danger to the jewellery or yourself. It is also recommended that you apply cosmetics, hairspray and perfumes before putting on your jewellery, as they can contain substances that can either discolour or damage the metal, stones or pearls.


Most of my jewellery can be easily cleaned by gently rubbing with a soft jewellery cloth. If it becomes soiled it can be cleaned with warm water and a soft brush, then lightly polished with a dry cloth. It is not advisable to use any chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners without expert advice.


If you want your art-jewellery to remain at its best for longest, each piece should be stored individually, this is especially the case with pearls which are very easily scratched and chipped by other jewellery.