Jewellery Sizes

Jewellery Sizes

To obtain the perfect fit it is up to you to give us the correct size, these notes are a guide to how to give us the correct information. In the end it is your responsibility, if your jewellery does not fit because you have given us the incorrect sizing information it will involve you in more expense to have this corrected.


All jewellers in the UK use standard ring sizes, these are represented by a letter, I can also give you the option of half sizes to give you the perfect fit. This is a plus a half size system so if for example you are between an L and an M, this will be written as L1/2. We do not send out cheap ring sizing devices because in our experience these devices are often inaccurate. The only way to be sure is to go into a retail jewellers and have you fingers measured, but remember we do half sizes, some jewellers may only offer rings in full sizes. We give a measurement service at our Jewellery Exhibitions.

If you are ordering from outside the UK, contact us with your ring size and I should be able to tell you the UK equivalent. This has been made easier in recent years because of international standards which link sizes across the world.


Round bangles are best measured by internal diameter, in millimetres. Take a bangle that fits you well and measure the internal diameter with a metal ruler, not a tape. We have bangle sizing rings which we use at our exhibitions and some UK retail jewellers have these, the sizes for these are a number.


We always give our chain lengths in inches, a quirk of the UK jewellery trade. The chain length is the total length including clasp. If you want a different length please contact us, we can shorten chains for free but if you need it lengthening a charge will added to you bill.

If you are not too sure of the chain length you would like, either measure and existing chain you have or use a knotted piece of string adjusted to the length, without undoing the knot, cut the string and measure its length. You can send us the measurement in either inches or millimetres.