Jewellery Exhibitions

I specialise in jewellery exhibitions for home and business, where you can order and purchase my unique jewellery. I bring my specifically designed mobile gallery to you, so you can peruse and purchase my art-jewellery at your own pace and without stress.

I really enjoy the jewellery exhibitions, talking to you and your guests or clients about my jewellery, how individual pieces are made and the ideas which inspire me. The exhibition will contain unique one-off pieces which can be bought at the time and other pieces, such as rings and bangles, which will normally need to be ordered to achieve the perfect fit. All pieces can be customised by choosing different precious metals and gemstones at the time of ordering.

With a limited number of exhibitions each year, if you feel your friends and clients would enjoy the opportunity to view and talk to me about my jewellery please contact me for more details. As the host of a jewellery exhibition you will receive up to 10% of the sales in the form of a jewellery voucher.


As an Artist-Jeweller I am only interested in producing the best I can possibly achieve not only in terms of design and craftsmanship but also in the spirit and honesty of the individual pieces. I want my work to whisper to people of those hidden exciting forms, textures and colours, that once discovered in our landscape connect us to a greater world. As a result I only work from my own designs and have no interest in producing pastiches of other designers work. If I am not enthusiastic about a piece I cannot put in that special something of myself, that magic which makes a hand crafted work of art. If you want a truly original one-off piece of Art-Jewellery then contact me by email or telephone to discuss your needs.

After our initial contact, we will spend time exploring possible ideas for your chosen piece. I will draw out a number of possible designs for your consideration and when the design is complete, I will then be able to give you an estimate of cost.